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Close to 576,000 Mexicans were impacted during Global Entrepreneurship Week in 2012

GEW Global staff


Mar 05, 2013


The events that took place as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Mexico included a wide range of activities organized by Impulsa and Endeavor, as well as over 50 partners between schools, universities, organizations and businesses, including a strong social network and media campaign that reached people nationwide.

During a cocktail ceremony held at the Mexican Stock Exchange building, with representatives of the main universities in the country, entrepreneurs and media, Endeavor Mexico celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week with a networking event where the winners of the web based Naranya Challenge were announced.

On the other hand, Impulsa celebrated the Mexican Business Hall of Fame during a gala dinner where over 600 people, between entrepreneurs, business men and women, and students, witnessed the induction of four Mexican businessmen: Jorge Barbara Zetina, Gilberto Borja Navarrete, Enrique Coppel Tamayo and Manuel Sanchez Navarro Schiller. The American Ambassador, Anthony Wayne and his wife, were also part of the ceremony as part of their support of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

"GEW represents a unique opportunity for the students in Mexico to be part of a global movement that takes place in over 125 countries. To discover that we are all entrepreneurs and that we have the basis to create successful businesses that will result in wealth and jobs for the country" mentioned Pilar Aguilar, CEO of Endeavor Mexico.

On the other hand, Jaime Santibanez, CEO of Impulsa (JA Mexico) said that "the investment we make -in time or money- in the benefit of creating more entrepreneurs, will produce good results. In Impulsa we understand entrepreneurship as something more than an enterprise spirit. Entrepreneurship is cultural, and movements such as GEW contribute, powerfully, on achieving this culture".

As for the week’s impact, over 50 partners in 22 states of the country held 240 activities that reached over 32,000 people. The activities included everything from entrepreneurship forums, workshops, awards, fairs and more.

GEW Mexico was also high on media impact: 543,876 people were impacted through newspapers, radio and websites. In the world of social networks, GEW Mexico reached close to 10 thousand followers and likes, and 60 thousand visits to its publications.

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