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Endeavor hosts GEW events in Uruguay and Colombia

Mark Marich (GEW global)


Nov 17, 2009

Colombia and Uruguay are both active countries for GEW thanks to our Global Partner Endeavor. GEW Columbia started Tuesday, November 17, at Universidad de la Sabana, with an event on sustaining business plans. Entrepreneurship financing constraints are among the major hurdles facing potential entrepreneurs around the world.

On Thursday, Young America Business Trust and TechnoParque Colombia will be hosting a conference on the responsibilities of social entrepreneurship. Find out more about GEW in Colombia. Uruguay kicked off GEW with the Municipality of Maldonado. Aldo Silva, journalist and host of Channel 12, joined the Week as host, voicing his support for Uruguayan entrepreneurs. Technology and entrepreneurship is a recurring theme throughout Uruguay GEW 2009. Over 60 activities will be held in Montevideo and 45 institutions will be present. The events are primarily designed to foster an innovative spirit and provide the methodological foundations to successfully tackle new projects. Find out more about GEW in Uruguay.

Endeavor is a non-profit organization, established in 1997, dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship in developing countries. Endeavor accomplishes its mission by searching for high-impact entrepreneurs, who will contribute to their communities and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.

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