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GEW 2011 in Pakistan

Mark Marich (GEW global)


Mar 02, 2012


“Making the Difference”, Global Entrepreneurship Week – Pakistan brings Entrepreneurial Buzz into Pakistan. Global Entrepreneurship Week Pakistan 2011 was hosted by Alternate Solutions, a company formed by University Professors and students to promote Entrepreneurship at the grass root level. To inspire and promote community engagement among youth by promoting social responsibility. And to develop a platform and portal to bring together all common stakeholders by sharing together resources and information.

GEW in Pakistan
Global Entrepreneurship Week Pakistan has been conducting numerous entrepreneurial workshops, seminars, and conferences during and after the “Week” as we believe GEW is a platform which enables us in bringing an Entrepreneurial Buzz into Pakistan. Over 60% of Pakistan’s population is between the ages of 16-30, which of course is a great target market for entrepreneurship. Even if we can inspire 1% of this population to become future entrepreneurs, we’ll be able to change the fortunes of this great country. To do so, we started an entrepreneurial wave from schools to collages to universities, inspiring them with success stories of some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs, organizing workshops to build their entrepreneurial skills, arranging entrepreneurial bazaars (expo) where students and youth in general showcased their business ideas, we had venture capitalist in these bazaars. We joined hands with numerous local and foreign organizations for this great endeavor. Entrepreneurship is a buzz word in Pakistan now, with many different initiatives taken by many different organizations. GEW Pakistan has provided a platform to all these organizations, from where we can achieve a common goal. With very limited resources Alternate Solutions is making the difference in Pakistan. We have not stopped or got complacent, on the contrary we been very much active in this Entrepreneurial wave, and have continued to inspire thousands and thousands of people. Our GEW numbers may understate the impact, but, it’s important to note that these numbers are limited to 14-20 of November 2011. The impact we have had since has been outstanding, and God willing GEW 2012 will showcase just that.

Types of Activities

  • Success Stories
  • Skills development workshops
  • Introduction to GEW
  • How to start a business
  • What is Entrepreneurship
  • Round table discussion
  • Women Entrepreneurship

Cities we reached

  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Peshawar
  • Taxilla

GEW Pakistan in numbers

  • Activities: 100 plus
  • Partners: 50 plus
  • Outreach: 10,000
  • Initiatives: Over 20

Attribution to Kashif Khan with Alternate Solutions.

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