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GEW Costa Rica; celebrating entrepreneurship and making a positive impact

Mark Marich (GEW global)

Costa Rica

Mar 06, 2012


In 2011 Costa Rica celebrated for the first time the Global Entrepreneurship Week. This being the first time that the initiative is presented in the country, the goal was to generate enthusiasm for this topic and thus the activity would be considered a national event that takes place year after year, we were planning a small series of events… we were so wrong about our scope.

From the beginning the response was overwhelming; we had the support of 28 key partners from the private, public, NGOs and educational sector. The partners include the Ministry of Economy, the Business Association for Development, The University of Costa Rica, among others. A key allied was Grupo Nacion, the biggest media group in the country, that help us spread the word. All this was reflected in our inaugural event, where we had the participation of the founders of two of the biggest companies in Costa Rica, the vice minister of Economy, the president of an angel investor group and the director of Yo Emprendedor (GEW host) as the main speakers. All this supported by good media coverage and lots of attendants.

We had a wide variety of refreshing and useful events, from women entrepreneurship forums to the role of Carbon Neutrality as a value generation for businesses. An event that stood out for its creativity was “The 10 Rounds for Entrepreneurs”, organized by Clandestina, a creative office and school; 4 experts on a boxing ring (literally) gave information and tools of marketing for start ups; every expert would have 3 minutes and 10 tools in general represented as 10 rounds.

One key factor of our success was the strong involvement of young people in the initiative, especially college students. We had a series of conferences in the main universities under the theme of “Entrepreneurship and Youth” that consisted of 4 different conferences about Entrepreneurship, Financing and Ethics in business.

Our last large event of the week was the final round of the National Business Plan Competition Yo Emprendedor. With the initial participation of over 200 projects from which 30 were selected as finalists; everything from Gluten free pasta to innovative wind turbines. Many of the finalists are right know in the process of mentoring and eventually the financing of their project! Talking about generating real impact!

We were swept away of how Costa Ricans received and lived this worldwide party of entrepreneurship and that’s why we can’t wait for the bigger, stronger and better GEW 2012 Costa Rica! You’ll hear from us!

Attribution to Cintia Garibay with Yo Emprendedor.

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