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GEW Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Jessica Benton (GEW global)

Cape Verde,Malaysia,United Kingdom,Singapore,Swaziland

Nov 12, 2010


As nearly each and every country looks to increase its entrepreneurship capacity, more are turning to the untapped potential of women entrepreneurs. 
Building on the success of Women’s Enterprise Day in 2009, GEW UK is attempting to engage more underrepresented groups and break down the stereotypical myth that entrepreneurs are male, middle class and white. 
Research shows that women, people with disabilities, the over 50s and black and ethnic minority groups are less likely to engage in enterprise, but GEW is challenging this notion, with many organizations from all over the UK and the world hosting events and activities, profiling successful female entrepreneurs and inspiring other women and girls to follow in their footsteps.
Across the globe, GEW is showcasing the many talented women who are leading the entrepreneurial world, as well as encouraging more women to step up to the game with motivational and educational workshops, conferences and forums that provide direction, advice and training to aspiring women.
The 10th annual national Everywoman Conference provides the ideal chance for female entrepreneurs to hear from and question successful business women. This year’s conference is based on Clarity, Focus and Drive and aims to provide women with the necessary skills and motivation to take a business concept forward. The Everywoman Conference is on November 17 at London’s Grand Connaught Rooms.
The Enterprising Women Conference is also being held at the Gloucester Rugby Club on November 17 with an intension to inspire and motivate young women to consider the widest range of career possibilities to ensure they reach their full potential.
Champagne, massages and a smorgasbord - what could be more appropriate for a networking lunch?  Forward Ladies and Swedish office furniture makers Kinnarps are hosting a luncheon on November 15 for like-minded business women to network and enjoy.
Girl Geeks, a support and development organisation made up of inspiring female entrepreneurs, is hosting an event to showcase “Girl Geek” entrepreneurs to inspire the next female generations. The occasion is on November 17 at Newcastle.
There are a number of events and activities around the world focused on the gender issue as well, including: 

  • A female entrepreneurship workshop in Cape Verde on November 18. The workshop will focus on the future of management, economic opportunities for Boavista women, entrepreneurship of Cape Verdean women and the principles of women empowerment. 
  • The role of women in entrepreneurship and eminent business women from Macedonia will be adopted in a forum on November 17.
  • GEW Singapore is holding a series of monthly networking events for women entrepreneurs. 
  • Sembang Sembang – Reaching Out For New Beginnings, a signature event for Malaysia, is a platform for female entrepreneurs to share their aspirations, inspirations and challenges with female inmates at Kajang Prison. The objective of the program is for women to reach out to female inmates and share with them ideas about entrepreneurship as an option to pursue upon their release.  
  • Swaziland is also highlighting female entrepreneurs with the Business Women’s Forum on November 19. Under the theme “Enjoy the Harvest”, the forum will include a symposium from women in all sectors of business. Attendees will exhibit, network and listen to presentations on a range of topics including micro finance and standards.