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GEW/Venezuela Bigger Than Ever!

Max MacBride (GEW global)


Nov 29, 2010


GEW/Venezuela’s campaign this year was the biggest yet, racking up a total of 28,211 participants over 180 events. That’s more than a three-fold increase on last year’s figures – a fantastic reflection on the hard work of all involved in positioning the country at the forefront of the entrepreneurial movement in Latin America. The Week in Venezuela is coordinated by DB Access / Accede, who set to work galvanising their local, national and international networks to create a buzz around enterprise culture for the campaign.

Things got started with a large-scale launch in Caracas and a full-day event at the Caracas International Exhibition Center (CIEC). The event played host to the finale of the nationally established ‘EUREKA’ awards – a scheme challenging participants to develop proposals and prototypes which offer solutions to everyday problems. The winners included the student-developed Protomac project, a pioneering device which intelligently manages electrical current flow in order to protect against electric shock.

At the launch were some 75 experts, including the Presidents of some of the country’s most prestigious universities, industrialists, researchers, entrepreneurs and respected industry leaders. The event also provided an opportunity to hold discussions on securing a place for innovation and enterprise in the higher education curriculum. The keynote speech was provided by the renowned researcher and lecturer Carlota Perez.

In Porlamar, Nueva Esparta, the Entrepreneurship Symposium brought together an audience of 200 and a number of prominent thinkers on enterprise culture, for an open discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs in Venezuela.

The Feria VenezuelaTech in Caracas brought together some of the country’s leading digital and technological firms for a variety of presentations, seminars and workshops on the latest digital trends. The areas covered included telecommunications, e-commerce, GPS technology and the gaming industry.