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Indonesia kicks of GEW

Brenden Chaney @brendenchaney


Nov 13, 2012

GEW Indonesia opened up yesterday with remarks from a number of prominent Indonesians trying to change the entrepreneurial culture in their country and a video message from the President of GEW, Jonathan Ortmans.

The event was held at the Central Bank of Indonesia headquarters in Jakarta where the Vice President of Indonesia, Boediono, stressed the importance of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship awareness in Indonesia by saying “Among other ASEAN countries, Indonesia has a relatively low number of entrepreneurs. According to the 2008 entrepreneurship survey conducted by the World Bank, entrepreneurs in Indonesia only account for 1.56 percent of its citizens. This compares with 4 percent in Malaysia, 4.1 percent in Thailand or 7.2 percent in Singapore” he added “As a government official, I know how strategic the role of entrepreneurs is: they are usually the ones spearheading change and innovation.”

Other speakers and attendees of the event included Dr. Ir. Ciputra, founder of the Universitas Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center, the Host for GEW in Indonesia; Chairul Tanjung, founder and owner of diversified business group CT Corp; and Dahlan Iskan, the state-owned enterprises minister and the former CEO of Indonesian newspaper publisher Jawa Pos Group. You can read more about the event and the comments that were made during the event at here

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