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It's never too early to teach entrepreneurship

Mark Marich (GEW global)

United Arab Emirates

Jun 01, 2009

There is a global trend in education to teach entrepreneurship, and a number of Arab countries are taking this idea to a new level. Or, rather, a new age group. The global nonprofit Junior Achievement, through its regional arm Injaz Al Arab, is targeting 11-22 year-old students in 12 Arab nations by offering entrepreneurial workshops.

"The purpose of these workshops is to introduce students to the concept of self-employment, and to give them the opportunity to meet an entrepreneur and supporting organisations," said Sulaf Al Zu'bi, CEO of Injaz-UAE. "This is meant to expand their horizons and direct their thinking towards the future in a fun way." 

Students learn basic entrepreneurial attitudes and skills required to start a business in a one-day MasterClass. They're also given real-life experiences, by meeting local business leaders and entrepreneurs willing to share their experiences and achievements.