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A Message from Germany's Minister of Economics & Technology

Mark Marich @markmarich


Nov 15, 2011

Germany Dr Philipp Rosler

The following is a transcript of a video message from Dr. Philipp Rösler, Federal Minister of Economics and Technology regarding Global Entrepreneurship Week / Germany (Gründerwoche Deutschland).

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

People who start new businesses keep our economy moving forward, by ensuring innovation and vitality. Just last year, over 400,000 new businesses were launched in Germany. But we want this number to grow even higher. We want to spark your enthusiasm – we want to inspire school pupils, young trainees, and university students to start their own businesses. We want young people to discover the entrepreneurial spirit within themselves. 

That’s why we’re organising German Entrepreneurship Week, which is taking place this year from 14-20 November. This is the second year in a row that we’re holding our Entrepreneurship Week. Similar initiatives are taking place at the same time in 120 other countries around the world. 

Our Entrepreneurship Week includes the programme “Fostering entrepreneurial spirit in school”, which is specifically tailored to school pupils. We also have programmes that show young researchers and scientists how their time at universities and research centres can set them on the successful path toward an entrepreneurial future. For example, we offer the EXIST programme for university-based start-ups. We want to help young researchers find out how they can transform their ideas and innovations into new, marketable products and services as quickly as possible, and how this can open up opportunities for starting their own businesses. 

Our Entrepreneurship Week includes a wide variety of events, ranging from a “Start-up Breakfast” in Leipzig to our “Night of Entrepreneurs” in Munich. 

We want to get people excited about the idea of launching their own businesses, and we hope you too will let us spark your entrepreneurial spirit during Entrepreneurship Week, from 14-20 November 2011.


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