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Overheard around the world: What do you love about being an entrepreneur?

Mark Marich (GEW global)

United States of America

Feb 15, 2010

We asked, you answered.  Inspiring young entrepreneurs share their stories on how they celebrated Valentine’s Day … with their businesses.


Name: Rejean Lepage 
Location: Martensville, Saskatchewan, Canada 
Comment: “
Being my own boss! Nothing better than a quiet time at your business to look around
 and be able to know that this place exists because of your own hard work.”
Wrench Fitness, a gym which caters to a local clientele and provides them with a chance to workout without having to commute to a large metropolitan centre.

 Name: Allie Pohl
Denver, Colorado, United States of America
“My new business is like a new relationship – I started it over a year ago and am still feeling the butterflies!  I love that I am learning something new every day.”
: Ideal Woman: Necklace, a jewellery line with pieces that are small replicas of Allie’s art pieces centred on the theme of women’s body images.


Name: Romy Velasquez
Lima, Peru
“I ♥ being an entrepreneur!  For me it is a beautiful way to live and love -projects, risks, decisions, investments.  I congratulate everyone who has passion for this way of life.
Business: Borne out of a business plan competition, Transportes Emmy SRL is a transportation company which serves the booming construction industry in Lima.



Name: David Gibson
London, United Kingdom
Comment: “
People try for years to meet their perfect match but I knew I had when it didn’t feel like work anymore and started waking up in the morning without needing an alarm clock!  My business and I are truly united in body, mind and soul and although it’s yet to produce the material benefits (private jet, houses in the Mediterranean) there’s no other way I’d rather spend my days - and sometimes nights!  Sure, we fight and stress each other out sometimes, but the word “break-up” never ever comes into the fray.  Our love is certainly unconditional and I’m a happier and better man for it! Happy Valentine’s!”
Gibson Business Infrastructures, a management consultancy which advises the London elite on food, retail and

Name: Adewale Adeyelu
London, United Kingdom
“What I love about entrepreneurship is freedom, choice, risk and opportunity.  You have to have unconditional love for entrepreneurship because you will have hard times when you just want to give up or pull your hair out. But you have to always remember why you love it in the first place.”
A recent university graduate, Ade is starting a fruit beverage company named Kaboo Drinks.



Name: Ghadah Baaqil
Medina, Saudi Arabia
"I run a daycare center for children with autism, and it is a gift to have this opportunity to help those not necessarily less fortunate, but those who the world does not yet understand. So yes, to be an entrepreneur in my field is indeed a feat of unconditional love. it is often impossible for me to tear myself away from them at the end of the day as they are always with me, but I find that I have to separate my worlds into two -- one where I am a teacher of the children who I feel are like my own, and one where I am a mother and wife, in order to maintain a balance between the two lives I lead, which are boudless with love."
Business: Ghadah Medina Autism Center, WInner of the 2009 People's Choice Entrepreneur of the Year Award held by GEW Partner Youth Business International.



Name: Rani Wemel
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“My business partner is my valentine!  My husband and I have a business together and we knew it’d be full of challenges.  But from the start, our boundaries and responsibilities were clear.  We are each other's backup when it comes to business or family matters, and it’s this strength that has kept the passion, vision and mission fuelling our company as we achieve our milestones.  Happy Valentine’s Day to him and all entrepreneurs!”
LTT Global Communications Sdn Bhd, a high-tech venture which specializes in mobile learning.

Name: Heng Lee Ming
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“What do I love most?  Being an entrepreneur is being able to say "you're fired" to your business – yet still with unconditional love.  And "breaking up" is like getting a separation via listing the company on Dow Jones and still profiting in millions by doing this...when that happens, it’s lovey-dovey entrepreneurial Valentines all around J
H-Max produces eco-friendly, energy-efficient LED lighting.

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