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A Startup Nations Network for Policymakers

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Jun 09, 2014


Sharing the premise that all boats rise on an incoming tide, a small group of startup policy advisors has emerged to find smarter ways their governments can help new firms start, scale, create jobs and fuel economic growth. I take a look at why Startup Nations emerged and the pot...

GEW Bonds Governments in Central America and the Caribbean

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

May 28, 2014

DR post.jpg

With the 4th Annual Seminar-Workshop for Professionals in the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Latin America held in Santo Domingo last week, all eyes were on the Dominican Republic.

Ciputra Foundation Educating Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

May 06, 2014


With a growing demand for the jobs and economic growth that entrepreneurs bring to their local and national ecosystems, there is an accompanying need to better prepare the next generation of risk-takers.

National Boundaries are Porous for Global Entrepreneurs

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Mar 24, 2014

Entrepreneur, writer and academic Vivek Wadhwa, known for his work at Singularity University and writing on high skilled immigration, said it best in Moscow when he said “we don’t need governments to solve our problems anymore; we have entrepreneurs for that”.

A Global Voice for Entrepreneurship

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Mar 17, 2014


As the day started in Washington, DC, the first of day of the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Congress came to a close. The entrepreneurship communities from 153 countries came to Moscow to bond on their common cause to unleash new ideas, remove roadblocks and solve proble...

Countdown to Moscow: One Week

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Mar 11, 2014

Moscow GEC 2014

The 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Congress, GEW’s annual meeting, is fast approaching and Moscow is preparing to welcome more than 4,000 delegates from 153 countries.

Italian Resolve

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Jan 28, 2014


This week, I am on the ground in Italy where startup savvy policymakers are experimenting with new policies as fast as their startups are testing disruptive ideas. Both are racing in tandem to restore sustained economic growth to the Italian economy.

GEW Bursts Out of the Gate for 2014

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Jan 09, 2014


Global Entrepreneurship Week is already off to a strong start to 2014.

Moscow Readies to Welcome Global Community During GEC 2014

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Dec 05, 2013

Moscow GEC 2014

I ended Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 last week in Moscow just in time to see a GEW-themed bus driving around different universities, schools and gatherings while testing young peoples’ entrepreneurial skills and engaging them in the world of founding businesses.

The Globalization of a Startup Movement

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Nov 26, 2013


As another November fades into our rearview mirror, we are again reminded that the phenomenon of entrepreneurship is not something that belongs to any one particular community or country. Economies that have been historically less supportive of capitalism—like Venezuela or Iran...