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GEW Bursts Out of the Gate for 2014

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Jan 09, 2014


Global Entrepreneurship Week is already off to a strong start to 2014.

Moscow Readies to Welcome Global Community During GEC 2014

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Dec 05, 2013

Moscow GEC 2014

I ended Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 last week in Moscow just in time to see a GEW-themed bus driving around different universities, schools and gatherings while testing young peoples’ entrepreneurial skills and engaging them in the world of founding businesses.

The Globalization of a Startup Movement

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Nov 26, 2013


As another November fades into our rearview mirror, we are again reminded that the phenomenon of entrepreneurship is not something that belongs to any one particular community or country. Economies that have been historically less supportive of capitalism—like Venezuela or Iran...

GEW Pakistan: From Agribusiness to Entrepreneurial Journalism

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Nov 24, 2013

Global Entrepreneurship Week Pakistan has focused in 2013 on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship across multiple sectors, inspiring thousands to look for new possibilities even in areas that are less visible during GEW like agriculture.

The Turkish Way

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Nov 22, 2013


I report from Istanbul this morning where entrepreneurship is clearly the talk of the town. You could even hear on the radio while riding in a taxi an advertisement saying: “Global Entrepreneurship Week is approaching! Be there to get advice from successful entrepreneurs, disco...

Report from Berlin: Creative Entrepreneurial Hotspot

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Nov 20, 2013

Technology startups and creative industries are becoming more and more important in urban centers around the world. At GEW Global we cannot stop at every GEW hotspot this week, but one we could not miss was Berlin.

Iran's Powerful Stockpile of Entrepreneurs

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Nov 20, 2013


We have many reasons to celebrate this week, and here is one more: Iran has officially joined the Global Entrepreneurship Week movement, proving that entrepreneurs exist in all corners of the world and that the creative genius of today’s entrepreneurs trumps the hardest obstacl...

Work of Global Entrepreneurship Week Continues

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Nov 18, 2013

Cleantech Open Global Forum

The work to support entrepreneurs continues and it reaches a high point this week as Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) launches today in 140 countries with more than 7.5 million participants involved. Thousands of brand new startups are taking their first step this wee...

Buenos Aires city government making bold moves in favor of entrepreneurship

Nov 12, 2013


In the midst of angst about Argentina’s political environment for businesses, Buenos Aires has made a strong commitment to review policies and programs with a vision of unleashing a new wave of entrepreneurs that will put the city back in th

‘Startup Policy' Advisors Gear Up

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Nov 03, 2013

Recently I traveled to Kuala Lumpur to lead a roundtable discussion among “startup policy” experts that signaled a new chapter in knowledge creation around how governments can be smarter in supporting their potential high impact entrepreneurs.