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Africa Buzzing with Entrepreneurial Spirit

Posted by Buke Cuhadar @bukec

Jun 26, 2014

The nature of African entrepreneurship is shifting in countries throughout the continent and GEW campaigns are adapting accordingly to continue to strengthen African entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Innovation and Collaboration Cross Borders

Posted by Buke Cuhadar @bukec

Jun 19, 2014

GEW hosts from more than 140 countries collaborate closely with one another each March at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, but that isn’t the only time they connect.

Behind the Scenes at the GEW Europe Meetup

Posted by GEW Global staff

Jun 18, 2014

Last month, 12 European GEW hosts gathered in Athens thanks to Industry Disruptors-Game Changers and the teams behind GEW Greece and GEW Cyprus. The fifth annual meetup of this kind, the event encouraged stronger regional collaboration while showcasing the Greek...

Shaping a Global Entrepreneurial Mindset

Posted by Charlotte Lamontagne

Jun 18, 2014

Individuals from across the entrepreneurial spectrum are gathering in Croatia in late September to explore new approaches that are inspiring people everywhere to start thinking and acting like entrepreneurs.

GEW Hosts Launch Programs and Competitions Worldwide

Posted by Buke Cuhadar @bukec

Jun 11, 2014

To be successful, GEW campaigns need to engage stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. As more stakeholders from the government and private sector embrace the GEW compass and what it stands for by organizing their own events, the impact of GEW continues to grow...

GEW Host Profile: Poland

Posted by Charlotte Lamontagne

Jun 11, 2014

Justyna Politańska has led the development of GEW Poland since 2011. She recently co-founded the Global Entrepreneurship Week Foundation in Poland and is currently its CEO.

A Startup Nations Network for Policymakers

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Jun 09, 2014

Sharing the premise that all boats rise on an incoming tide, a small group of startup policy advisors has emerged to find smarter ways their governments can help new firms start, scale, create jobs and fuel economic growth. I take a look at why Startup Nations...

Applications Now Open for 10x10 Hackathon in Croatia

Posted by Hope Grauel

Jun 05, 2014

GEW has begun accepting applications for 10x10, a global hackathon it is organizing as part of the upcoming GEC2 in Croatia this September.

Hosts Strengthening Government Support for Entrepreneurs

Posted by Buke Cuhadar @bukec

Jun 04, 2014

Since Global Entrepreneurship Week began in 2008, government agencies and policymakers around the world have gotten increasingly involved in an attempt to connect with their local startup communities. Last year, 126 heads of state and ministers from 69 countries...

Teaching Somali Youth to Create Employment Opportunities

Posted by Guest Author

Jun 02, 2014

Youth unemployment is a considerable problem in Somalia, one that Shaqodoon, a skills and training organization that adopted the Somali word for ‘job seeker’, is striving to combat – in part by coordinating the first-ever GEW Somalia campaign last November.