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GEW Champions Enjoy Worldwide Growth

Posted by Buke Cuhadar @bukec

Jul 24, 2014

Global Entrepreneurship Week’s ‘global picks’, the best and brightest events, competitions and programs happening within the GEW network, play a substantive role in connecting nascent entrepreneurs to potential collaborators, mentors and investors to help them...

Former Benin Minister of Finance to Tackle Youth Unemployment Challenges

Posted by Guest Author

Jul 23, 2014

Nearly two years after receiving the GEW Benin Citizenship Award, Benin’s former Minister of Economy and Finance, Madam Adidjatou Mathys, is stepping up to invest in youth employment all around the country.

The Many Faces of Entrepreneurship in Poland

Posted by Guest Author

Jul 23, 2014

GEW 2014 may be in November, but organizers in Poland have already gotten a head start on this year’s campaign. With a focus on improving the national perception of entrepreneurs, the campaign is seeking a higher level of engagement from entrepreneurs around the...

Kazakhstani Startups Pitch AgTech Innovations

Posted by Guest Author

Jul 15, 2014

Ten Kazakhstani entrepreneurs pushing agricultural innovations squared off recently in the capital of Astana as part of KazINNO, a startup competition focused on agriculture, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

GEW Network Gaining Ground Outside National Capitals

Posted by Buke Cuhadar @bukec

Jul 10, 2014

GEW country hosts in Europe are busy laying the groundwork this summer for Global Entrepreneurship Week, which this year will be held November 17- 23. GEW global picks such as Creative Business Cup and Get in the Ring are growing in popularity as more country...

Young Entrepreneurs to Tackle Education Challenges

Posted by Hope Grauel

Jul 09, 2014

This fall, 70 young adults will congregate in Croatia for 10x10, a hackathon to tackle challenges facing education on a global level.

Host Profile: Brazil

Posted by Charlotte Lamontagne @charpotle

Jul 09, 2014

Pamella Goncalves is the head of Research and Mobilization at Endeavor Brazil, the official host organization behind GEW Brazil. In addition to coordinating studies on the Brazilian entrepreneurial ecosystem, Goncalves leads the GEW campaign in Brazil.

Asian Countries Unleash Young Talent in the Region

Posted by Buke Cuhadar @bukec

Jul 02, 2014

GEW campaigns in Asia are actively spreading the word about entrepreneurship throughout the year. “Get them while they’re young” is an integral part of sustainable GEW campaigns and host organizations in Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Malaysia are...

From the Entrepreneurs' Garage to the Dinner Table

Posted by Jonathan Ortmans @jortmans

Jun 30, 2014

Entrepreneurs around the world are driving a new agricultural revolution to address the world’s dual food security and environmental challenges through sustainable agriculture technology, or “AgTech”. As with any other kind of entrepreneurship, national borders...

10 Questions About GEC 2016 and Medellín

Posted by Guest Author

Jun 27, 2014

Jonathan Ortmans founded his first company at the age of 19. He left his native United Kingdom for the United States, creating more enterprises before deciding to make spreading the spirit of entrepreneurship around the world his biggest business yet.