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DECA Idea challenge


What is the Idea Challenge? 

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The DECA Idea Challenge 2014 is a fast-paced competition that challenges elementary, secondary and college students around the globe to find an innovative new use for a common, everyday item in eight days. Student teams of three to four members are asked to pitch their invention in a creative three-minute YouTube video presentation. The item to be used in the challenge will remain a mystery until announced by DECA Inc. on November 13, 2014. 

The competition is a fun and exciting opportunity for students to be creative and innovative while learning about the entrepreneurial process. The experiential learning exercise easily fits into most curricula as a formal class assignment or an extra credit activity. The challenge is open to any student interested in the entrepreneurial process. DECA membership is not a requirement. 

Picked from a collection of judges from each participating county, The DECA Idea Challenge 2014 will announce two global winning teams! One from participating college and high school students, and another team winner from either middle or elementary school. 


2014 Idea Challenge Timeline 


October 01, 2014—Challenge Kickoff 

     • DECA Idea Challenge 2014 promotion begins at 

November 13, 2014—Challenge Item Announced 

     • DECA Inc. announces the mystery item to be used in the competition 

November 20, 2014—Submissions Due 

     • All online submissions due by 6 p.m. EST on November 20, 2014 

January 2015—Winners Announced 

     • January 6, 2015—Finalists from each participating country announced 

     • January 12, 2015—Global winners announced

For additional information, visit the DECA Idea Challenge website or contact Michelle Walker, director of education, DECA Inc. at michelle_walker@ or (703) 860-5000 ext. 233.