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DECA Idea challenge


What is the Idea Challenge? 


UPDATE 1/22/15: The DECA Idea Challenge 2014 winners have been anounced!

DECA Idea Challenge 2014 High School/Collegiate

Winner: Delivering the News, South Central College (North Mankato, Minn.)

DECA Idea Challenge 2014 Middle School/Elementary School

Winner: AA & E, The Harker School (San Jose, Calif.)

UPDATE 1/12/15:This year, DECA Inc. received over 1,700 DECA Idea Challenge 2014 entries! We had such a powerful turn out this year - a more than 100 percent increase in submissions from the DECA Idea Challenge 2013! Thus, DECA Inc. will be delaying the announcement of DECA Idea Challenge 2014 global finalists and global winners until later this month.Stay tuned to DECA Direct Online and DECA Direct Weekly for updates.


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DECA is excited to bring you another year of the DECA Idea Challenge, a fast-paced experiential learning exercise that dares elementary, secondary and college students to find an innovative new use for a common, everyday item.

The DECA Idea Challenge 2014 asks competitors to gather into teams of 3-4 students, collaborate to generate a new item and then pitch their invention in a creative 3-minute YouTube video presentation.

A featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the competition is a fun and exciting opportunity for students to be creative and innovative while learning about the entrepreneurial process. DECA membership is not a requirement to participate.

The item to be used in the challenge will remain a mystery until announced by DECA Inc. on November 13, 2014, on and

UPDATE: The mystery item is NEWSPAPER.

All submissions are due by 6:00 p.m. EST on November 20, 2014.

This year, entries will be group into two winning categories!

  • College and high school submissions
  • Middle and elementary school submissions

Finalists from each participating country will be announced January 6, 2015. The DECA Idea Challenge 2014 global winners will be announced January 12, 2015. Each global winning team will receive $1,000! Additionally, the groups will be recognized on both the DECA Inc. and Global Entrepreneurship Week websites. Finalist teams from the United States will also be recognized at DECA’s International Career Development Conference (ICDC) or Collegiate DECA’s ICDC in Orlando, FL.

Get the competition discussion going by viewing the previous DECA Idea Challenge global winners below:

  • DECA Idea Challenge 2013 Global Winning Team—The Working Bees

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  • DECA Idea Challenge 2012 Global Winning Team—Team EcoWear

Hear Their Story
Watch Their Video

All the information you need on the competition, such as how to participate and how entries will be evaluated, is available online at and in the DECA Idea Challenge 2014 Toolkit.

2014 Idea Challenge Timeline 

October 01, 2014—Challenge Kickoff 

     • DECA Idea Challenge 2014 promotion begins at 

November 13, 2014—Challenge Item Announced 

     • DECA Inc. announces the mystery item to be used in the competition 

November 20, 2014—Submissions Due 

     • All online submissions due by 6 p.m. EST on November 20, 2014 

January 2015—Winners Announced 

     • January 6, 2015—Finalists from each participating country announced 

     • January 12, 2015—Global winners announced


Again, DECA membership is not a requirement to participate in this challenge, so be sure to tell everyone you know about this compelling idea generator! You don’t want to miss out! For additional information, please contact Adrienne Grant at

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